Service Opportunities for Courses in Fishkill, NY, May-June 2024

New York Vipassana Association is holding two 10-day courses and one 3-day course in Fishkill, NY, this May-June 2024. Courses need sufficient servers to run smoothly. All old students are encouraged to apply to serve the courses, the course setup days, between-courses days and/or the breakdown day. There is especially a need for male servers. If you are interested, please fill out an application form by clicking on the dates below, or apply on the course schedule page

  • Set-up course site, May 4th-5th (50 people).
  • Help set up and launch the courses and turn over the site between courses on: May 11, May 22-23rd, and May 27-28th, with a need for more servers on the afternoons of May 11th, May 23rd and May 28th (20 people)*
  • On-call drivers to help pick up supplies during the courses, May 11th – June 7th.**
  • Metta Day service (experienced servers), May 21st, May 26th, and June 7th.***
  • Day service for camp breakdown, June 8th, 7:30am – 5pm at the latest(30 people).
  • Serve the 3-day course on May 23-27th or 10-day courses on May 11-22nd, and May 28th – June 8th.

* Servers may apply to serve for part-time or full-time during the between-course periods (listed above).

** To serve as an On-call Driver, email or call us – see the Setup Weekend, Between Course, Breakdown Days Page (for old students)
*** For experienced servers on Metta day, apply to serve the course part-time, with the arrival day (May 21st, May 27th, June 7th) and time, mention Metta Day in the notes section of the application.